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Backup Problems?

  • Data Loss/Data Corruption

  • Disk Crashes

  • Server Failure

  • Accidental/Malicious deletion of data

  • Local/Regional Disaster

  • Backup inefficiency in remote sites

  • Resource Hungary / Time limited backup

  • Security Breaches

Escape problems with Automation

  • It covers business needs for application's:-

- Availability

- Scalability

- Reliability

  • It provides Finite backup window

  • It provides compliance & regulatory requirement

  • Cover remote/globally dispersed systems with single solution

  • Help manage increasing amount of data.

Tivoli fastback provides:-

- Continuous Server Recovery and Protection (Windows/Linux).

- Gets Application up in Min.'s (Parallel to Restore itself!!).

- Captures Data at Block Level (Finite backup Time!!).

- Reduced Network Usage in Backup's.

- Install and Configure Backups remotely.

- Real-Time protection for Desktops & Laptops.

- No-User intervention required.

- Provides Local and Remote Recovery.

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